wholesale to the trade only

For wholesale prices
please call or email Tricia.
520 762 3206
Necklaces are 24" to toggle unless otherwise noted
AN1224 Lapis
BN5427 Rose Quartz
CN0218 Clear Quartz
FN3720 Clear Quartz
HN0739 Lapis
HN2329 Amethyst
HN2927 Clear Quartz
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VN6021 Clear Quartz
YN0917 Rose Quartz
ZN9122 Tourmalinated Quartz
AN0121 Clear Quartz
AN0826 Smokey Quartz
AN1722 Clear Quartz
BN6426 Amethyst
CN6524 Clear Quartz
FN5721 Aventurine
HN2424 Amazonite
HN4126 Tangerine Quartz
MN1923 Metal Brass
TN9146 Tiger's Eye
ZN1123 Tiger's Eye
ZN9327 Black Tourmaline
please specify 18" or 20"
(to toggle)
AN0539 Amethyst
AN0924 Amethyst
AN1823 Clear Quartz
BN6526 Scolecite
CN7217 Clear Quartz
HN0524 Rose Quartz
HN2728 Rose Quartz
KN1222 Black Tourmaline
WN1119 Amethyst
22" to Toggle
ZN8219 Amethyst
ZN8319 Rose Quartz
ZN8419 Tiger's Eye
(Heavy Twist Chain)
ZN9427 Tourmalinated Qtz
Please specify 18" or 20"
(to toggle)
AN0629 Amethyst
AN1139 Clear Quartz
AN3739 Aventurine
BN8827 Clear Quartz
FN0917 Tiger Eye
HN0824 Tiger's Eye
HN1027 Amethyst
LN1223 Rose Quartz
WN1018 Clear Quartz
ZN8519 Amethyst